File adjustment

If you are not completely sure yourself or you can't get your file ready for print in any way, because you do not have the right programs or the necessary experience? No problem at all, we will make the necessary adjustments to your file for you, for only a small price!

Make sure to upload all necessary documents, such as used pictures and texts. Also pay attention to the material already used in your design. Have you entered the pictures in high resolution before resizing your design, so the high resolution will not disappear? If you are not completely sure, it's not a problem, just upload all used material together with your order. If necessary, also provide a good description on what exactly you want us to do.

This option is only for making your existing design print ready. We only resize, convert to the correct extension, even inserting pictures and texts, but NOT for a new design!

warning This option is not for a new graphic design!.
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